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Freddy and Jason part 1
Freddy and Jason Part 1
The sound of leaking gas pipes could be heard all around. It was dark and
menacing, Jason's eyes shot open and he leaned up rubbing the back of his neck.
Suddenly a dark laugh came from the shadows, he looked around (Where the hell
a I) he thought. "Well look who's awake" came an all too familliar voice. Jason got
up off the metalic floor, unstraped his machete from his left leg, he could feel
a sudden breeze on his chest. It was shredded open! The dark laugh echoed
around the boiler room. Freddy suddenly appeared at the top of a flight of stairs,
"hello hockey puck, did you like my present" he mocked. Jason glared at him, gripping
his machete tighter, " aww ain't that cute, mama's boy trying to act tough " he cooed, as
he walked down the stairs, "your in my world now now!". He pointed a claw in the
direction of a pile steel wire and then pointed at Jason, the wire flew
right at him pinning him to a wall by his wrists. His machete hit the floor
making a sound th
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Sebastian and Ciel Cantarella
'Such a boring party…' I thought to myself as I looked around the room. 'These people are so…callow and shallow. They are only after things if they are benefited in the end.' I felt a hand on my arm. "Oh Lord Michaelis" A man spoke to me. I turned to see a famous English noble. I nodded. "Radcliff." I spoke. His voice annoyed me. This man always tried to suck up to me. He had always asked to join with my trading company. But I always refused. I knew his company was going under and he was becoming desperate. That's when the crowed went silent and begun to whisper. I looked around as the women and men seemed to turn in one direction. My crimson eyes slowly moved with the crowed and there was a noble 'woman' standing at the top of the stairs. Her long midnight blue gray hair was curled in pig tails so it hung down her sides. Her figure was as elegant as her hair. The dress was as blue as the midnight sky and complimented with the black lace. But there on her chest in a bow was a
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Eridan Ampora
United States
I am nothing more then a simple cosplayer, a black one and proud of it. I live in Washington and will cosplay with anyone in the area who wants to. The current Cosplays I do are Ciel Phantomhive, Sasori Akasuna, Alois Trancy, Xandir, Gackupo and Xemnas. I do take cosplay request and if anyone has any ideas on who I should cosplay as next, just leave a comment please.

Current Residence: Airway Heights
Favourite style of art: Fan art
  • Listening to: the voices in my head
  • Reading: the story of my life, past, present and future
  • Watching: my life flash before my eyes
  • Playing: with your mind
  • Eating: my finger nails
  • Drinking: water
So for some reason everyone has been caught in a shit storm the past few months. It seems that as soon as school ended life for everyone did the same. My family started fighting with each other, Which is preventing me form going and living with my girlfriend, this is leading to lot of unnecessary fighting between the two of us... I kinda just wish I could go back, I mean, start all over with our relationship. I've been so in love with her since I first saw her but for some reason it doesn't feel like she loves me back. knowing that she can read this I'm not going to go into detail but I need someone like me to talk to, someone. I wish my mother didn't treat me like a science project too, I think that's what I am to her, I'm not normal like her other kids so I'm just here for her to play with my mind. Oh well I guess I'm just over thinking this, I wonder if life would be better if I was a guy, eh maybe not, so I'll just continue to be gender confused and go back to bed.

Til, Next Time,
                       Cappuccino-Cosplayer, signing off


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It'd your birthday again.
And again, you aren't online to get my birthday message.

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All from me?
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Happy birthday, I hope it was awesome~^^
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Don't just log on and then not reply back, you butthead!
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Wwhere'd you go?
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